Walking Dead Gets Fined For Causing a Death

Walking dead

Walking Dead

One of the most popular AMC’s TV show known as “The Walking Dead” has gotten a stuntman die, whereas they are fined to the maximum limit. The US department of the labor has stated that, they could not maintain the security, health and safety of their employees and had one of them to die. The maximum fine imposed on them was 12,675 dollars which effects the budget of the filming of Walking dead a lot.
However, this is also an awareness to the other filming industries as they also need to take precautions and be more careful those who work on the same stunts and action movies. Therefore, same or more fine may be imposed on the industry, as they should look for the safety of their labors, workers and the stuntman.
However, the team of Walking dead claims that they take the safety matters really serious however this was an incident just upon the mistake made by the stuntman. Whereas, they think that they should not be imposed with the fine. This incident happened during the season 8 when a stunt man has to fall down from a 22 feet high balcony over a soft cushion, however the stuntman failed to land on the cushion and landed beside the cushion as his head and neck landed first on the ground and he could not survive. However, he was then ventilated in the Atlanta medical center and could not survive there. However, he was take off the ventilator as command of his family who had received many sympathy on the social media.
Life is a very serious thing which worth more than anything, as money can be earned back again but the life is never ever gonna be re gained at all.

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