Ventura California Fire Expands Rapidly

Ventura California Fire Expands Rapidly

The rush fire has fled many properties of Ventura, California including thousands of houses. However, firefighters have tried their level best to protect the properties and strive their best to protect California. The fire fighter themselves reported that, “ We simply don’t know what this fire will do” while staring it moving from 5,000 acres to 11,000.

Ventura California Fire Expands

The case of Ventura California Fire Expands was way too serious and caused the police departments to report people by knocking their doors to brace themselves as many of the residence properties including buildings and houses has collapsed. If people got rescued from the collapse, the intensive fumes in air and pollution causes them to get sick. The smoke has too much dense that people are unable to see their homes at high altitude to check if their homes are also a victim of the fire.
It was expected that the winds might slow down and decrease till Tuesday, whereas it is under consideration and is expected to rise up again at Wednesday and to e normal by Friday. There were many efforts made to stop this fire as it caused the internet to shut off and televisions were suffering as well in quite many areas whereas people couldn’t be aware of this disaster. This caused them a great loss, moreover it is claimed that more than 1000 firefighters have been dealing the blazing of fire. These conditions were totally unbelievable, as many people have tweeted about this and many stuff is seen in the internet as you surf. The trees were totally engulfed in flames which made fire fighters almost impossible to defend them from the fire through planes. This has been one of the biggest threat to the lives of people in California and big source of loss to the economy.

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