Tips For Long Hairs

Long Hairs

Every girl loves long hairs and it’s a dream of girls. Hair grows per month approx half an inch. There are so many factors that directly affect your hair growth rate like your overall health, caring and oiling, and genetic factors. You can increase hair growth by taking proper healthy meal and good diet and giving proper attention to your hair care. There are several herbs like that can help in making your hair length faster.

The most prominent, distinctive and discernible personality trait of every beautiful girl is her long, shiny and thick hair. Extensive care and proper attention is required to get thick and long hairs. Some females got the blessing of fast hair growth but for the rest of others growing hairs takes too much effort and patience. If you treating and caring your hairs properly and still your hairs are not growing as quickly as long then this article is for you, we hope this will guide you to get the desired result.

If you are browsing for some tips regarding rapid hair growth ideas then you are at right place. This article will help you in fulfilling your dream of having long hairs and shiny strands to extreme flaunt. Read the article and don’t forget to give your feedback in comment box.


Massage Scalp:

Massaging anywhere in body helps blood to circulate smoothly same like that massaging hairs and roots promotes rapid and smooth flow of blood to the scale. Massaging with warm oil should be done twice a week for getting quick long hairs and also apply deep conditioning to your hairs with conditioning hair mask. Take care of your hairs and do oils and condoning massage.

Long Hairs

Healthy Diet:

    Taking proper and healthy diet can grow your hair faster and shiner, when your hairs get complete nutrition by taking healthy food then you will see the great results. Taking a meal which is rich in protein and vital minerals and vitamins is the most essential prerequisite to the healthy growth of hairs. Go for foods items which are high in iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B, C and E, selenium and copper.

Include rich vitamins in your daily routine like milk, yogurt, cheese, whole grains, avocado, oats, chicken, eggs, spinach, bell peppers, parsley, salmon, broccoli, brown bread, cabbage, grapefruit etc in your diet for nourishing your scalp and hair. Make habit of drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices,

 Long Hairs

Egg Hair Mask:

Apply egg hair mask in your hairs, beat egg and add some amount of olive oil and honey. Apply it in the scalp and hairs at least once in a week, this easy home treatment will help in making your hairs long, shiny and soft. Egg is highly rich in protein and very beneficial for growing hairs faster hairs.

 Long Hairs

Caster oil:

    Caster oil is rich in vitamin E and it contains all the essential fatty acids, especially omega-9, massage of caster promotes rapid hair growth naturally.

Long Hairs

Avoid Using Hot Styling Tools:

For any party and wedding we prefer using hot styling tools without knowing that how much it will harm our hairs, hot styling tools takes away the shine and health of our hairs and in the result our hairs stops growing.


Long Hairs



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