Tesla Autopilot Technology

Tesla autopilot technology

Tesla Autopilot Technology

The people who drive cars all day and have to cover up long routes, you must have thought of cars which would run without a human operator… Well your wish has come true now! The new Tesla has introduced its Tesla autopilot technology which does even more than you ever expected!
The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk claimed that their cars would drive themselves from LA to New York independently! This statement was heard in 2016, whereas the deadline has reached however, Musk also confirmed that if it takes some duration in the finishing, it will be launched in early 2018. Tesla has been taking the lead of the technology autopilot since the start and is still in lead.
At first, in 2015 when this technology was newly launched, the car used to drive autonomously in very few cases whereas, now they have launched the enhanced autopilot system which is quite exciting. Therefore, cars manufactured since 2016 have around 8 spectacular cameras to protect itself from all angles and keep an eye vision up to 250 meters in 360 degrees. The 12 sensors fitted in the car allows it to recognize all types of objects and cars around it in precision.
You must have heard, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed” , this car has another radar system to boost up the performance by performing in all kinds of different bad circumstances such as, fog, storm or bad weather conditions. however, this can be purchased along with the car in 5,000 dollars or you may activate it later for 6,000 dollars.
The premium version is for 8,000 when purchasing or you my activate later or 10k. the premium version includes absolutely no assistance to the car which comes with a GPS to run automatically, park itself by observing the free space whether parallel or perpendicular. This makes the car twice as safe as human however, this does not mean that it would be slow, in fact it is faster than you ever thought as it can run in complicated roads and changing lanes in efficient ways.

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