Save Plants, Make the world green

Save Plants

Save Plants, Make world green is just becomes a slogan now. Big companies are cutting the trees and plants just to build huge plazas and buildings. Plants and trees play a vital role to live a healthy and active life. According to many Psychologists building green stretch, green pathways, areas, parks in the big cities areas enhances the quality of life and it increases the average life of person who lives there. People who live in busy and high density cities are usually attacked by many severe diseases and health issue because of not getting fresh breath and environment, those cities and areas where greenery is rarely found are usually targeted by too much pollution. People living in greener environment, where plants and trees are grown, are relatively happier than those who live in tree-less polluted environments.

The quick urbanization because of the rural urban migration is putting too much pressure on the urban infrastructure and straining the life of city. People who are living in cities are highly affected by these migration, and with this strain builder and construction company takes great advantage to earn more profit so they cut the greenery and indulged in building huge plazas and buildings. Every one has a right to live in fresh and healthy environment enjoy greenery which sooth the minds and eyes both. Privacy goes lost somewhere in cities; but, few left over plantings and greenery offers privacy and tranquillity by keeping us away from the pollution and harsh sunlight. We can take initiative to make our city green again by gardening in your patio, terrace, windows, or in your gallery etc, we all should contribute to make our lives safe, healthy, active both mentally and physically. Gardening or plantation creates an emotional expression when you see your plants growing healthy, taller and greener gives internal satisfaction and happiness. In any case greenery is natural and helps in providing us healthier living, according to the research of doctors, people get back to their normal life faster in a hospital when they will be provided with green landscape view, rather than just lying on bed and seeing walls of buildings. Start by yourself; make gardening and plantation your hobby it will work as the perfect remedy to the recent world.

Save the Plants, Make world green!

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