Sahar Tabar 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie

Sahar Tabar 50 surgeries

50 Surgeries of Sahar Tabar for Angelina

World has came across through many people who have been going through their best to look like their favorite role models. Therefore, this transform has been one of the most intense and criticized one.  Sahar Tabar 50 surgeries is one of the most hot topic running nowadays, An Iranian teen named Sahar Tabar went under 50 surgeries in order to look like Angelina Jolie. This has been one of the most epic fail as her looks have been even worse and is now known as a zombie and people are comparing her with the ‘corpse bride’.

Sahar Tabar 50 surgeries
After Sahar Tabar 50 surgeries for the new look, Sahar posted her picture on Instagram. Upon which, there were many opposite feedbacks from the people. Her ambition and willpower is strong as she reduced her weight a lot to around 88 pounds which would be really dangerous if she opts for an another surgery. She had also dyed her hair upon the looks of Angelina Jolie. Changed her body and almost everything. She had caught many sights of people which made them follow her instagram not to support or fan girl her, but just for negativity and leaving bad impressions which had been resulted as a great disappointment. There is no source of information about the comments on her posts if she is taking them seriously or not whereas, she got what she wanted from her life, fame and her looks.

Sahar Tabar 50 Surgeries
Sahar has Been posting daily about her looks and has neglected all her fake followers giving negative feedbacks and enjoys the support of her real followers who have been taking her side from the start to the end and enjoys with her happiness. Although Angelina Jolie who is known as the most beautiful girl of the world has many people running after her looks and try being like her. It is not just Sahar, there are many people who are alike her.

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