Pierre’s Bistro: A new innovation; White pizza

Pierre’s Bistro

DUBAI: while a extraordinarily lauded eating place shuts down, it’s normally a sad event. however in the case of Reflets par Pierre Bistro, the multi-award-winning French quality eating venue at the Intercontinental Dubai competition town via the celebrated French chef, the truth that a more youthful, more vibrant substitute has taken its vicinity allows mitigate the loss.
Pierre’s Bistro seems decided to wipe out any lines of its predecessor. the space has been converted — proper right down to its own non-public lift get admission to — with a separate front room place housing tropical-style foliage (probably actual) and flamingoes (virtually faux), and the intimate dining location now performing a whole lot brighter and more open with streamlined, stylish décor and an prolonged terrace offering perspectives of the creek. With stay amusement slated for weekend evenings, it’s miles genuinely catering to the location’s ever-developing appetite for relaxed lounge dining stories.
the largest distinction, however, lies in the meals. In equity, Reflets become absolutely distinct concept and shouldn’t be as compared, but the menu has shifted from tricky degustation to a current tackle conventional bistro fare.
So the compact, properly-curated menu capabilities dishes like Arancini croquettes, lobster tortellini, and — shock, horror! — even a burger, albeit a connoisseur one proposing some genuine ingredients and sauces that replicate that French chef’s touch. And many of the element sizes are quite huge, better proper to one-route food.
Our starter choice of pan-fried squid with kale, mushroom and black garlic is filled with taste, and is served as a hearty warm salad. it’s far designed to be shared. similarly, the white pizza — a tacky, fresh-from-the-oven 8-incher topped with pecorino, mozzarella and crème fraiche, with rocket garnish — is moreish (we opted out of the prawn topping it is meant to be served with, but that didn’t seem to hurt the dish in any respect).
The high-quality of the baking is extraordinary. now not only was the crisp skinny pizza base close to ideal, the complimentary bread basket containing freshly baked rolls and paper-thin flavored crispbreads, served with actual French butter, is well worth the trip by myself.
For mains, the pinnacle chef advocated I attempt the japanese Amadei fish, unavailable in every other Dubai restaurant, which is pan-fried with its scales crisping as much as provide a completely unique textural detail. Served on a bed of quinoa flavored with Cremona mustard and avocado and with quinoa tuile for garnish — that is what we mean via modern-day bistro fare — it is an stimulated dish.
The roasted farm chicken breast with Comté cheese macaroni served with a creamy tomato sauce a comforting, tasty most important, even though the chicken skin lacked that vital crispiness.
whilst that became only a small niggle in what turned into, to that point, a very well pleasing meal, we have been left barely underwhelmed with the desserts.
The tiramisu got here distinctly recommended. It in reality wasn’t terrible, and the portion length became beneficiant, but we’ve had better some place else. The burnt almond panna cotta appeared as a soft pillow of vanilla custard atop cut fruit with the almond making an appearance as a tuile garnish. while the dish lacked the unmistakable wobbliness that makes a panna cotta certainly special, it changed into nonetheless a treat.
In hindsight, we should possibly have ordered a French dessert consisting of the chocolate biscuit soufflé or apple tart, thinking about it’s miles a French restaurant, Pierre’s Bistro but that just offers us something to move back for.
And cross lower back we certainly will. due to the fact even though this ‘sensorial dining experience’ left us thinking if Gagnaire great abilities as a chef are being properly utilized, Pierre’s Bistro is however a superb addition to the French restaurant scene in the middle East.

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