New Year Tips, Things you should Know about 2018


This article will tell you that what’s coming in 2018, 2017 has gone now, it’s time to look forward for the next upcoming year. There are plenty of stuff which is coming and you should definitely know about it. There must be so many ups and downs in 2017.
The first thing heading in our way is the eclipse which will be insight in January. It must be visible at 31st January according to NASA. This has been way too exciting for people as this beautiful view is not found every year.
The 2018 olympics are here, which is gonna be held in south Korea from 9 to 25 February. If you are not aware of this famous event, let me clear it, this is the time when the athletes from the whole world meet up and compete each other.
The Oscar awards opening is also around us which is gonna be held soon. These awards include topics for all winners, losers and others. This year Oscar awarding is way too interesting for the Hollywood.
Taylor swift will be moving for a tour which is known as “Reputation” tour. It will begin in the starting of May in Glendale and Arizona.
One of the most exciting news of the 2018 is that, the space tourism might get realistic this year. Elon Musky’s team has announced that, 2 citizens might be picked up from the public for the tour of 1 week around the moon.
Well, this year is also for the FIFA lovers as they are gonna get a world cup to watch in the summer and enjoy the joys with their team. This is predicted to e started from June 14 till July 15. Moreover, the wait of 14 years is also over for the incredible 2 movie part. It is on its way to be launched in theaters next year.

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