Mesothelioma Survival Rate



Improvement of the Mesothelioma Survival
The rates for the survival of the Mesothelioma patients depends on various factor of the patient. According to the history, their survival rates are usually measured by one year survival. However, these patients do not usually survive more than the median of the normal healthy people.
Therefore their survival has been extended since 1999, they have been working way too hard for the survival of the Mesothelioma by many cancer institute’s and other Programs which lead to the improvements in results. Life Expectancy is based upon the person, where he was born and the year when he was born. Whereas, the Mesothelioma shortens the average life of the humans.
Many of the Researchers have claimed that they live for six months, however the maximum survival can be extended to one year but due to some strong factors of the patient, they might live for around 5 years maximum.

Factors Needed To survive
There are many several factors which matters a lot including the age, gender, race and the difference in the cell.
⦁ Age
The older the patient is, the less chances are to survive. 55 % of people below the age of 50 survive only one year whereas, 30 % of people older than 75 are most like to live the same. The age matters a lot because the younger patients have the capability to receive the intense treatments and surgeries. The older patients cannot afford such complications with their body.

However the average age of diagnosing Mesothelioma is 73. Where 25% of people under 50 has chance to live more than 10 years.

⦁ Gender
The research Shows that the Mesothelioma survival rate is three times better in women as compared to the men. They say, according to the research, men are more nearer to the factory and industries where there is a lot of pollution. There are many factors which allow the women to survive more than men even if the men is younger. However, no one knows the real reason to explain why women have a better rate, although they do claim that women have different hormones which make them survive more.

⦁ Race
It is proven that, this Mesothelioma is less likely to be diagnosed to Black individuals as, 95% of only white individuals are more likely to be a victim of this cancer.
There is not much difference in the race, however the fact is, white peoples survival rate gets worse after the 3rd year as compare to the black. According to the programs where they kept a record of the survival, it showed that the white people took much efforts to survive but still they cannot survive more than blacks, however the black individuals did not required much treatment and they could survive more than the white.

Effect of Treatment
The survival rates depends on the number of treatments being done to the patient for the major upcoming treatments. A patient must be in a good condition to go under critical treatments, whereas after more and more treatments, their survival becomes less and less.

Effects through Genetics
Many of the patients differ in the genetics as they get few mutations, which helps them survive more.

Mostly the survival rates are measured by 5 years, as only 6 percent of the patients survive a decade, whereas most of them live only for like 5 years the maximum. Therefore, the patients should always be keeping the advices and tips given by the doctor, in their minds in order to keep them healthy and expand the life expectancy.

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