The travel to Mars, will it be Delayed



When it comes to setting up the living in the other rock (planet) you must have even better sources of travel in order to improve the conditions of Mars. Whereas, currently it requires around 6 months to reach Mars, which means the astronauts have to be packed in a tin atmosphere where they have to wait until they reach there. Moreover it has also been claimed that astronauts have been quite a burden, as they do waste a lot of supplies over them and takes up space and causes more risky injuries.
Therefore, they came up with an idea of keeping them asleep, the NASA innovative advanced concepts came up with the new efficient technique by keeping the astronauts in the induced torpor. Their condition is same like a sleeping statue. This was inspired by a movie named “planet of apes”.
This torpor habitat has reduced the consumables by 55%, therefore you may easily dream all the way to the destination, rather than using up many types of different types of supplies which requires a lot of engineering and financial needs, therefore this recent idea of the torpor has the ability to save all those expenses without having any sort of disadvantages. Therefore, you will need a small and simpler way to travel. Since, all the people would be unconscious, you would not require a lot of space in your spaceship therefore, this might save a lot of cost and assist you to cause less damage to the to the health through cosmic radiation.
The most famous question of the people arises that, “will the torpor effect the health of the people?”. The answer is “NO”. The main function of the torpor is to reduce the metabolism to around 40 to 60 percent which would reduce the need of food and other requirements and allows a perfect journey while sleeping.

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