Marble Cake

Marble cake

Marble cake is the best partner for evening tea time and its really fun to bake marble cake because you can make any pattern or design you like.



Egg                       4

Butter                   8 ounce

Caster Sugar        8 ounce

Flour                    8 ounce

Baking Powder    2 tsp

Vanilla essence    ½ tsp

Coco powder       2 tbsp


Baking time:  40 minutes




* Take Butter 8 ounce in a bowl and beat till becomes fluffy

* In a separate bowl take Flour 8 ounce and add baking powder 2tbsp in it

* Add vanilla essence ½ tsp and caster sugar 8 ounce in butter and beat them together

* Now start adding 4 eggs in butter batter one by one, add one egg then beat and so on until you add all 4 eggs in a batter. Adding eggs one by one will make your cake more fluffy and soft

* Beat egg in batter for about 5 to 7 minutes

* Perfect beating results to better cake

* After beating this adds Flour and baking powder in the batter and folds it properly so not any lump remains, mixture must be smooth and soft.

* Now divide the mixture in to two, in two different bowls

* Add coco powder 2 tbsp in one mixture and fold, leave the second one in its original form

* Grease the cake mould or pan of any shape you want

* Now first pour the original mixture in mould, settle it in pan and then over it pour coco powder mixture

* Make different patterns on cake with the help of shashlik stick or with any other available tool



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