Let’s bake LEMON OATMEAL COOKIES at home which is so easy to make and you will enjoy making this.



Butter                 7 ounce

Cream cheese     3tbsp

Sugar                  9 ounce

Egg                     1

Lemon essence   1/4 tsp

Salt                     1 pinch

Flour                   1 cup

Porridge              1 cup

Egg                      ½ for egg wash

Sugar                   3tbsp

Yellow food colour

Lemon Zest          pinch


Baking Time: 20 min

Oven Temperature: 180 (Pre heat oven for 15 min)



* Take 1 egg and beat it properly

* Take another Bowl, put cream cheese 3tbsp and add 7 ounce of butter in it and beat them together

* Add caster sugar 9 ounce, yellow food colour (few drops), lemon essence ¼ tsp in cream cheese and butter mixture and beat them all together.

* Now add egg, lemon zest and beat them.

* Add half amount of flour in mixture and fold them with the help of spatula

* Take porridge 1 cup, add half cup porridge in mixture fold them

* Now add remaining flour and porridge in mixture and fold

* Put this thick mixture in fridge for 15-20 min

* Now take oven baking tray but do not Greece it

* Bring the mixture out of fridge and make shape of cookies on tray, egg wash all and sprinkle sugar on them.

* Bake it for 20 min and Lemon oatmeal cookies are ready to eat.


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