Karachi Zoo

Pakistan’s worst Zoo

In Karachi, As a part of millennial generation I would concede that our upbringing and the environment we have grown up in has very strong digital footprints. But still vividly remember my first trip to the Karachi zoo also known as the Karachi Zoo or Karachi Zoological Garden.
Karachi zoo as it is frequently referred to have over 80 species of wildlife from various geographical areas of our planet and was opened in 1878. Which is quite no longer visible as tourism or informative anymore, as the atmosphere and environment needs so much improvement.
I visit zoo for my work that is to shoot a small video but what I saw there was most of cages was empty, no proper hygiene for both animals and the visitors should get, mess of dirt, fungus was all cover in the pond of ducks and crocodile, animals was in bad condition that is animals are near to die, no zoo staff was there to look over animals but was there to take tickets whiles entry. As I went near to cage to see animals I and my friends faced a huge problem that was a bad, disgusting smell of the animal’s dirt which was irritating us while shooting our video and even it is too hard to stay there for a long period.
It’s heartbreaking to see such important part of our childhood and coming generation childhood slowly but surely disappearing due to chronic neglect and miss-management of using fund or sheer neglect for the animals of zoo.
Well, being citizens of Pakistan, we would humbly request from the stakeholders to rescue a very important part of our country that is zoo to be maintained otherwise the upcoming generation who will dearly miss out on a glimpse of what motherly nature has provided us in form of these beautiful animals.

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