Overdose has its personal signature fashion for doing everything
JEDDAH: Simplicity and strong point are trends in dining in recent times, and few locations seem to be doing it better than Overdose Cafe in Jeddah. it’s miles becoming an increasing number of popular as word of mouth spreads, and as a result the crowds outside seem to grow large each day.
Overdose has its very own signature style for doing the entirety. There are not any cakes, as an instance, neither is there a big sort of coffee; it serves four drinks best — however in a unique fashion. Servers make the espresso in front of the consumer by means of placing a obvious cup with a flavored syrup of desire on a spherical platform, then filling it with ice before adding milk and pouring in photographs of espresso.
The atmosphere and elegant decor is likewise a hit with customers. The café is embellished with espresso glasses and cups with syrups prepared for the servers to grab, while the walls are protected with espresso-related artwork rates. considered one of my favorites is “Caffeine, it’s my drug of desire,” as it sums up a journalist’s lifestyles to perfection.
hardly ever do I drink espresso that makes me crave every other straight away after the last drop but Overdose’s Spanish latte changed into one which did.
well-educated team of workers, a creative aesthetic and warm vibes come together to make Overdose the best location to revel in a cup of nicely-made espresso.

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