Jam Biscuits

Jam Biscuits


There are lots of varieties of biscuits but the most loved ones are Jam Biscuit. Almost every one loves this biscuit. Nothing gets much more favourable and classic than perfectly baked Jam Biscuits in traditional style. This biscuit tastes too yummy with a cup of tea. This recipe is the accurate which you can follow to make biscuits at home. A beautifully baked biscuit filled with a drop jam. You must be curious to know the recipe, well let’s begin with the recipe.




Butter (unsalted)              4 ounce

Caster sugar                     3 ounce

Flour                                7 ounce

Egg                                  ½

Baking powder                ½ tsp

Jam                                  4 tbsp


Baking Time:   20 minutes




* In a bowl, take 7 ounce of flour (14 tbsp) and baking powder ½ tsp.

* Now in another bowl take 4 ounce (100 gm) of butter and in it add 3 ounce (6 tbsp) of caster sugar

* Now beat butter and caster sugar together, when it beats properly add beaten egg half in it and beat it again

* When batter is ready then add it in flour and make soft dough. For getting soft and smooth dough add flour in batter in little little amount

* After making dough, put it in fridge so it will settle down

* Take it out from fridge and make small balls

* Press the balls and make a shape of cookies

* Now with the help of thumb make a small deep hole and pour a drop of jelly in it

* Take baking tray, do not grease it

* Pre heat oven to 180 degree

* Now put it in oven to bake for about 20 minutes


Freshly baked Jam biscuits are now ready to eat. You can serve it with tea or with coffee, a perfect tea time partner for you.

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