Ways to improve your Character guys!

Hey, do you have a strong character and personality which is quite important for every living being In order to be recognized by the world as good, decent and many other types of phrases. This is very important as it is used to judge the people by their look and the way they speak and move.
First thing is first, always keep your language decent. This gives you a very decent look and improvise your standard. A person with a clean tongue always keeps his attitude high without expressing it. The world notices everything and if you talk like some cheap star, you got no respect Man!
The second thing upon which you get judged is your appearance. You should forget about swag, which is a very common phrase in the teenagers lately. All you have to work on yourself is “class” which matters a lot. A good personality has a the best sleek look which impresses everyone just a sight. You cannot really observe how the person is until you got a classy look, the swaggy ones might lower your personality to some extent that you might not be as good as the classy and sleek look.
You must always keep yourself groomed, you never know who judges you when.. You must always keep your beard, hairs until and unless you are not a butcher. The most handsome guys know the trick, you are never ugly until you make yourself ugly. Everyone has their own beauty and they must maintain it, you must keep yourself motivated and self esteemed.
Guys! Don’t you feel too old to look good. No matter how old are you and how old fashioned are you, all you have to do is to make you character outclass and attractive.

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