Impressive WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp Update

Impressive WhatsApp Update

Since every android application is working hard to improve the user interface to make it much more simpler and easier, they also come up with new features of the app, therefore not every application update gets featured like this. The latest impressive WhatsApp update has impressed and made the work easier for all kinds of groups in the world which are connected through the WhatsApp messenger.
This new WhatsApp update includes many new features for the group admin. It allows the group admin to disable the members to input any type of texts in the group. Therefore, you may send any type of messages in the group without any sort of difficulties. This allows you to forward messages to the members and not allowing the members to respond in the group, whereas you may respond to the admin in the private chat.
If you disable the non admin users in the chat, they might not be able send messages, however other admin are always allowed to talk in the group and other audience will have to look at their texts in silence. If there is a need to send any text to the group, your messages will undergo an admin’s approval before reaching the group members.
One of the main purpose of the update is to improve the quality of the messenger and keep its standard higher. It benefits you in many ways such as if you would like to keep your messages, secure and keep it above and insight of everyone due respect, this option clearly goes for you. The minimum duration of the setting to remain the same is 72 hours, which means that the normal members will have to remain silent for few days. However, WhatsApp has been considering more options and thinking to provide more flexibility to the admin in order to provide an efficient service. Everything is under consideration and the update will be out for users in the perfect form.

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