Green Sauce Pasta

Green Sauce Pasta

Pasta is something which is loved by almost every person and there are many ways of making pasta but in this article we are telling you the recipe of Green Sauce Pasta. Pasta also comes in many shapes and different shapes sometimes cooked combine, pasta are also used in salads and there are lots of sauces which makes pastas more yummy and delicious.

For this pasta recipe, the main ingredient that we are going to use is spinach which has many nutritional benefits and spinach will give this pasta green look. To make this creamy Green sauce pasta which is off course healthy dish for you, we will add a bunch of spinach. As we all know that there are innumerable benefits of spinach, it contains high nutrition and rich in antioxidants, spinach helps in fighting with cancers, it boost eyesight and also has strong properties of anti ageing.

Let’s start the recipe for Green Sauce Pasta:



  • Pasta of any shape (you can also use spaghetti)     1 cup
  • Garlic clove                                                                    1
  • salt and pepper                                                             to taste
  • fresh spinach                                                                 1 cup
  • Basil                                                                                 1/4 cup
  • Parmesan cheese grated                                              1/4 cup
  • fresh lemon juice                                                           1 tbsp
  • water
  • Fresh cream




* Boil the spinach and after it boils cover it with lid and leave it in that pan for about 5 minutes, it will become tender and juicy then drain the spinach well

* Boil Pasta by following the instructions which is given on the back of the pack. When pasta is boiled, drain it but reserve it water

* Now take spinach, garlic clove, cream and cheese, basil, lemon juice into blender and blend all together to make a smooth green sauce.

* Now take a pan, add just fee drops of oil and Pour the blended green sauce in it including spinach water, salt and pepper and leave it to cook on low heat few minutes.

* Pasta in the sauce and cook it well until the sauce sticks to the pasta. If pasta looks dry then add little water Add a little pasta water if it looks too dry.

Green Sauce Pasta is ready to eat

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