Nails are the most important part of humans and clean nails reflects cleanliness, hygiene and represent the better health. Manicure is the most common way to keep nails shiny and healthy but not everyone affords to visit frequently parlour for taking manicure services. Many females consider that applying nail polishes is the best way to make their nails shinier, but the lousy truth is that nail polish damages our nails and it also takes the natural shine of our nails, as nail polish contains many harmful chemicals which are enough to damage our nails. They block the space to take natural breath and become an obstruction for oxygen. So throw all the chemically loaded nail polishes and follow this article to get some easy and natural home remedies to turn your damage nails to healthier and shinier. Improve the health and hygiene of your nails and make them gleaming.

* Apply Olive Oil:
Olive oil is the most awesome and natural way to get shiny nails at home as Olive oil is a great source of getting vitamin E. Take a bowl contains warm water and add few drops of olive oil in it, soak you nails in this water for few minutes and properly massage your nails, this will give shiny look to your nails. Try to use this remedy thrice a week.

* Apply Petroleum Jelly:
Applying petroleum jelly on daily basis helps in getting shiny nails, there is not much effort required for this tip. You just need to massage nails with petroleum jelly daily and you will see the result in few days.

* Manicure with Lemon:
Soak your nails in a bowl containing lemon juice for few minutes. Then in the next step add some vinegar drops in warm water and soak nails in this water for few minutes now with the help of manicure brush tools brush your nails. Wash your hand with tap water, repeat this thrice a week and have shinier nail.

* Use Butter:
Butter is full of rich nutrients it helps in making body healthy so as nails. Put some butter on your nails and rub it smoothly so all the nutrients get into the nails and with this your nails becomes more shiny and healthy.

* Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is very necessary for healthy hairs but your can also apply it on your nails for healthy nails; just massage your nails everyday with coconut oil.

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