Depletion of Ozone layer

ozone layer

In order to completely get aware of the ozone layer, it is necessary to know about the different layers present in the atmosphere. The atmosphere of earth is consists of many layers and every single layer which is existing in the atmosphere plays] very significant role. The first layer of atmosphere that is stretching approximately 10 km upwards from the surface of the earth is called troposphere. Many of the human activities like mountain climbing, gas balloons, and flights by small aircrafts are take place within the region of this layer.

Now what is the Ozone layer? Ozone is basically a colorless gas that is found in the upper atmosphere of earth. This layer is formed when the molecules of oxygen absorb ultraviolet photons, and then occurs a chemical reaction which is commonly known as photolysis or photo dissociation. In this procedure, oxygen molecule breaks down into two atoms of oxygen. The oxygen atom (O) which is free combines with another oxygen molecule (O2), and by this process it forms the molecule of ozone (O3).

Depletion of Ozone layer first got the attention of the world in 1970, and from then, so many scientific researches have been done in order to find out it’s possible reasons and effects. In the recent era so many studies have been done that shows the possible solutions. Ozone layer is quite deep layer present in the atmosphere of earth, ozone layer depletes in the stratosphere, and it creates a hole in the ozone layer. This hole is not just a hole but it enables harmful and dangerous ultraviolet rays that enter to the atmosphere of earth. Sun’s Ultraviolet rays are linked with so many health and environmental related severe issues. Ozone layer depletion means that humans will be exposed to strong sun’s UV light. Overexposure to the Ultra Violet lights can causes skin cancer, sunburns, quick aging and it also weakens the immune system.

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