Crimes that are most commonly committed around the world


Crimes are nowadays very common throughout the world and we are surrounded by different categories of criminal. Either crime is small or big, crime is crime. Crimes and criminals have been always the major and most focused problem of almost every nation. Those people who bend and break the laws are also tagged as criminals and they were ought to be sentenced in jail. Different countries have adopted many techniques and methods to control the crime but unfortunately nothing goes up with plan. Most commonly committed crimes are killing, murdering, theft to robbery, domestic violence, abuse every single crime becomes so common now. Though there are quite strict and stiff penalties for committing a crime, but still people involved in committing different crimes with any fear. The most commonly committed crimes around the globe are:


* Robbery:

Robbery is considered as big crime and sometimes it becomes violent it involves hurting people and their sentiments willingly, whether emotional, physical or mental, in the process of taking forcefully whatever belongs to them. Either it is developed, under developed or developing country; robbery becomes very common in the world. And unfortunately, everyone is trapped in this crime and can be a victim.

* Domestic violence:

Domestic violence is considered one of the most commonly committed crimes, done as wilful crime which includes physical assault, emotional abuse, sexual assault psychological violence,  and other kind of abusive behaviour that are commonly practice almost in every third home. The most general seen component of domestic violence is that one partner’s efforts to maintain his or her control and power over other. This is usually done to make a strong hold over family members. There are different prominent types of family and domestic violence. It is abusive, violent, or threatening attitude or behaviour by a partner or any other family member to hold, make his fear and maintain dominance. Domestic violence can affect anyone in the society, regardless of sexual identity, gender, location, race, culture, age, religion, ability, position, economic status or ethnicity.

* Drugs consumption and addiction:

Consumption of drugs is directly linked with criminal behaviour. Drug itself a major crime but it leads to many worst crimes. Like when a person is in the condition of Intoxication, he or she will not be in senses and he then commit any crime either robbery, murder, abusing etc. Crimes related to the consumption and addiction of drugs is one of the world’s most horrible and severe problems. Selling and purchasing drugs are highly prohibited according to the laws of many nations as this could lead to other major crimes.

* Murder or Killing:

The most serious type of crime is Murder which take away others life. In recent era people are murdered through suicide bombing, target killing, guns, and bombs in short each and every evil activity is using to kill humanity with intention or without intention.

* Cyber crime:
Cyber crime is one of the fast-growing categories in the world of crime. Criminals are now taking support of this medium to threat, fraud and doing other criminal activities. Many peoples are become victim of this kind of crime, the most recent form of cyber crime is game blue whale which has taken lives of more than 130 children of different countries.


These were some commonly committed crimes throughout the world.

Please take care of yourself and stay safe!

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