We as a Pakistani are extremely resilient and upbeat citizens and have gone through dark times in our city but recently the situation has improved drastically. For a young girl it’s still a city, where parents and loved ones have nightmares about their daughters and sisters out and about on their own. Things are becoming easier to travel in our daily routines like we can see that there are many apps introduced to provide people great travelling services like Careem.
Careem drivers are taking bad advantages of the travelers by driving slowly and making more money then it cost intimately. More over some of the drivers uses bad languages with girls and also bullied them who travel alone. Careem also puts peak factor on most of the time to earn more money although less fuel is used than money. Sometimes when roads are jam or blocked careem starts its meter running faster as it says waiting cost that is more than moving cost.
No doubt careem services made transportation smooth from one point to another and more benefits luxurious travel but also taking bad advantages. However, there has been many incidents insight since last year, it all depends on the public and drivers. There have been protests in many parts of Pakistan by the Uber and Careem captains complaining about the youth of the country who do not control their sexual desires during the service. Whereas, there are also people who complain about the captains, who are always making money in different forms of ways such as, taking a long route, driving slow and arriving earlier and charge the waiting.
There is bad advantage on careem as it does not always stay on point. Sometime they make wrong transactions and make high bills which causes their customer to be really disappointed. On all these perspectives, people sometime hesitate to book a ride nowadays.

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