Anastasia, real life Rapunzel


A real life Rapunzel


Do you believe in miracles? You must definitely few cartoons and movies which features a girl with red or brown hairs which are longer than a tower, the name Rapunzel. This has been recognized as a movie only however, this has been partly true as the world has known a patient of alopecia and has suffered till the age of 18. However, Anastasia with a very critical condition of hair loss which caused a lack of confidence in her at a very small age.

The condition was so bad at extent which caused almost all of her hairs to fall off. She had also faced a time when she was totally bald and only a girl can understand how it feels to be bald. After the treatment of some specialists, she had been very thankful to their advices through which she got those extraordinary beautiful and long hairs!

\You must be aware of karma, yes it really does hit you hard. When she was at the age of 18, she was completely bald and recovered so fast and immaculately that she has been appointed by Pantene for their advertisements of Russia. She cleared it the question of thousands of people on his Instagram account by openly telling that her hair is 106 cm long.

She has been leaking her tips for having such glorious hair. She proclaimed that, the biggest mistake done by many people is that they do not use the perfect shampoo for their hair, as you need to select the best shampoo for your hair and everyone has  different hair than another. If you have dry hair, you must use oily shampoos to fix your hair, explained by Anastasia. Some of the people experience their hair fall in few season, whereas if you do not lack in iron, this is normal and you do not have to worry about it.

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