7 words banned from Trump administration

Trump administration

7 words banned from Trump administration

The new Trump administration has made new laws of prohibiting few words including the “fetus” and “Transgender” to be used in any type of official paperwork or document, in fact even in the next year’s budget documents. These words have also been oversee by the CDC officials and came on a result of eliminating 7 words including “vulnerable”, “entitlement”, “diversity”, Science based”, fetus”, “evidence based”, “transgender”.
There is not any sort of replacement offered for these particular words. One of the major question arises when the main way of addressing the sexual orientation, the gender recognizing, abortion matters is stopped due to lack of words for expressing the matter as these policies were insight during the Obama’s administration. Therefore, all the main departments such as human services and health services has appointed new ways of collecting the sources and information about the lesbian, transgender, gay and bisexual Americans.

The HHS department made 2 surveys to gather some information for elder people as they have removed all the information about the LGBT people from their website, which was about getting or receiving help for sex traffic. Although there was no particular reason for the ban on words by Kelly, who is a financial department worker. However, the HHS is still working with those words which are illegal to use in any sort of document. Whereas, the main purpose of this ban is related to the budget and materials which are to be given to the CDC officials.
This has not been much spread out to the other sectors of CDC as this is new and the trump administration is is looking for forward to stop the use of this in the future, however there are many negative comments about this ban by the trump administrator.

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